​​Located in Tulsa, OK.  I have always been passionate about organization, and helping people. Volunteering in various community organizations, book clubs, community work, library events, nursing homes, etc. propelled me into wanting to do more. Do more of what, became the question?  Already blessed with a natural gift for organizing, the ability to realize final results, and what it would take to accomplish them, motivated me to complete the necessary criteria to become a Professional Organizer and member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers). My personal goal is to become a Certified Professional Organizer.    

A 30 year career in the Airline Industry afforded me many opportunities to travel to many places.  My love for travel prompted me to become an Independent Travel Agent.  Because of my passion to help, additionally I am a travel companion, helping where needed, those that need help with reservations, navigating the airports and security. As your travel companion (helper), SWS will assist you while in transit, and take care of the details necessary to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Don’t miss another wedding, graduation, or vacation opportunity. Rely on SWS Personal Assistant Services, LLC every step of the way, per the SWS Travel Companion Service Agreement.
Making a difference for others is important to me.   My desire to assist and empower people sometimes leads to non-traditional request for assistance. Things as simple as filling out forms, researching information, or taking a day road trip to someplace important in the client’s life.
Armed with the desire and passion to simplify lifestyles, bring order, and help people get where they desire to go.  2 years ago, the “do what” question was answered. I invested in my passion by creating SWS Personal Assistant Services, LLC, a fully insured company, which encompasses ALL that gives me gratification and self- fulfillment.
Most of my career years were spent in the Airline Accounting/Finance area. I earned a Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration from Langston University, and many, many awards of appreciation, recognition and achievement.


SWS is dedicated to helping individuals bring order to their lives and lifestyle in the area of Organization, Travel, and Business Services. Personal, direct and private service is the goal of SWS.


 To most effectively apply professional knowledge, unique skills and personal life experiences for the enrichment of clients served. Every opportunity is taken to help,  specifically in the area where significant contribution can be made for the client, community and beyond. Caring, respect, and understanding are additional qualities possessed by SWS Personal Assistant Services, LLC