Make the most of limited space.  Achieve work life balance.

Being a professional organizer is more than just sorting your belongings and helping to clean up a cluttered space.  Professional organizers are trained specialist who help individuals create order where it is lacking in their lives, and lifestyles. Sometimes an objective opinion is all that is needed to help a client move forward.  The goal of SWS is to help you declutter, get organized, and create a system so that you won’t fall back into the bad habits again.  Organizing is more complex than “paying someone to pick up your stuff”. its more about the person who owns or interacts with the stuff. ​Some people get overwhelmed or too anxious to begin an organizing project. Some simply don’t have the time because of their busy schedules.  You know you have too much stuff in your garage and you want to put your care in it, but are just too busy to sort thru everything, figure out where to store it, what to keep, sell, donate, trash, etc.  SWS will help you find a starting point, create a plan to follow and work with you to make it happen, in a short period of time.

How it’s done
To make sure all your needs are addressed, SWS will always begin with an assessment.  The project is evaluated and needed resources are considered. SWS will clearly visualize the intended goal, be decisive, make firm suggestions and help with your decisions.

Small business & Office organizing 
Whether you’re self-employed or a small business owner, SWS solutions are designed to help you alleviate distractions, work more efficiently and maximize your potential.  
  • Manage papers
  • Customize filing system
  • De-clutter desktops
  • Tips for managing papers, files, schedules and more
We realize that business matters contain sensitive material.  Rest assured SWS will be discreet and keep all your information confidential. 

Downsizing & Organizing for Seniors
Downsizing can be stressful for seniors. Sorting thru a lifetime of memories and possessions can be daunting and emotional.  SWS can help make this life transition much smoother.
  • Setting up an action plan
  • Help make decisions on what to let go
  • Sorting through possessions
  • Taking care of donations, trash and recycling
  • Manage packing and unpacking
  • Assisting with resources (mover’s, etc.)
  • Helping if necessary at new location

 End of life / After death Organization
When the belongings are still in the home of a relative that have passed on, SWS will offer compassionate help by creating a plan, keeping in mind the sensitive nature of this type of project. It is the goal of SWS to organize your love one’s possessions and stage your home for sale or rent.

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