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Travel Companion Services
 Need help getting there? Turn to SWS if you need a reliable travel companion.  Considered a seasoned cruise and air traveler, familiar with airport and cruise policies & processes where necessary, the following services are provided by SWS where necessary.

  • Arrangement for Mobility Assistance
  • Checking / Claiming Baggage
  • Assistance with Security Clearance
  • Check-In Procedures to the Extent Permitted By TSA
  • Track and Retain Necessary Travel Documents, Not Including Passports
  • Schedule Ground Transportation

SWS will assist you every step of the way, per the SWS Travel Companion Service Agreement.  The SWS Travel Agreement advises the relationship to the traveler, a description of the traveling individual’s medical issues if necessary, and contact information for the traveler at the departure and arrival City.  Arrangement will include itinerary for the traveler with complete plans for the departure, stay, as well as necessary itinerary for return.

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